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Color, pattern, texture, design, and style are constant and continual influences in her life. She delights in artistic displays and the wonder they stir in her soul. She has been brought to tears on many occasions in the presence of -what she considers to be - art masterpieces. She dabbled in many creative expressions until she found her joy - polymer clay - in 1989. Thirty years later, that medium is still unfolding for her. There is still endless possibility in every effort and effect. She has had the opportunity to teach, demonstrate, inform, and support others in their creative endeavors in polymer clay as a Brand Ambassador for Sculpey - both domestically and internationally. She’s blessed that her life is filled daily with beauty and creativity and it’s her honor to influence and encourage others. She is a wife, mom, grandmother, daughter, sister, and friend. She lives with her family in central Illinois on a 13 acre hobby farm where creativity abounds.

Three clay sculpting pads with a color gradient and leaf imprints on them

How to Paint on Polymer Clay

I have never really painted on clay a lot in my career. I guess I’ve always tried to achieve the end goal through the colors of the clay itself. With that said, I have called upon a couple of my claying friends to shore me up in the areas of clay painting where I am… Continue reading How to Paint on Polymer Clay

Sculpey polymer clay inlaid tray

How to Effectively Use Oven Bake Clay Adhesive

There are lots of ways to bond finished oven baked clay projects to jewelry findings and other smooth surfaces with silicone glues and even instant drying glues. However, for clay-to-clay adhesion and clay to porous surfaces adhesion, I prefer to use Oven Bake Clay Adhesive (formerly known as Bake ‘n Bond). Unbaked Clay to Unbaked… Continue reading How to Effectively Use Oven Bake Clay Adhesive

#How Do You Sculpey? Using Scrap Clay

I really appreciate the space that I occupy on the Sculpey Marketing Team as a contract designer. Weekly I am challenged with writing and designing new projects for all skill levels and with lots of different clays and materials. I make one of a kind pieces several times a month, write up instructions to go… Continue reading #How Do You Sculpey? Using Scrap Clay

I’m a BIG Liquid Sculpey® Fan

Liquid Sculpey® is my favorite product in the Sculpey line. I love what can be accomplished with Liquid Sculpey® all on its own as well as how many new dimensions it adds to my work with solid clays like Sculpey PremoTM. Since I’ve been a project writer and designer, one of my greatest challenges has… Continue reading I’m a BIG Liquid Sculpey® Fan

My Stories by: Amy Koranek

I’ve been claying since 1989. The first time I saw anything ever made in polymer clay was on my honeymoon—so it’s easy for me to remember how long I’ve been at this. My husband and I were honeymooning on St. Martin, and there was this jewelry case chock full of—to me—the most intriguing designs in… Continue reading My Stories by: Amy Koranek

Clay Collecting

Over the weekend, my family and I visited the local Sugar Creek Arts Festival held annually in Uptown Normal, IL. My 7 year old mistakenly thought we were going to the “Sugar Free Taco Bell” (not the Sugar Creek Arts Festival) but that’s for a whole ‘nother blog. My husband splurged on 3 polymer clay… Continue reading Clay Collecting

Fabric Fascination

Besides loving all things polymer clay, I am extremely fascinated by fabric. I am very oftenly inspired by the prints and the patterns and the color combinations that tantalize my eyes through fabric. I could go on and on about how much I love fabric and fabric stores and shopping for fabric… But since this… Continue reading Fabric Fascination

Reworking Canes

I’ve been cleaning out my cane stash and thinking about ways to inspire myself to use up some of my old canes. I decided to re-work some of them into new canes. I had an abundance of chrysanthemum canes that I gave a makeover. I changed them into rectangular shapes and put them back together… Continue reading Reworking Canes

Welcome to my home studio, wish you were here.

Welcome to my home studio. I am one of the most fortunate artists I know of because my husband is so supportive of my art (habit, addiction, whatever you wanna call it). A couple years ago Tom decided that my studio needed to be remodeled and I’d like to share how awesomely he remodeled it… Continue reading Welcome to my home studio, wish you were here.