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Courtney Chapman

Courtney is a self taught sculptor and animator who has been sculpting since she was 8! She currently attends UCLA as an English and Film student, and runs her TikTok and Instagram account during her academic studies. Her TikTok has accumulated over 450,000 followers for her sculpture work on popular trends and memes! She works to make sculpting accessible to all levels of experience through her TikTok videos detailing her entire creation process!

hand holding clay sculpture of two men sitting on a bench

Small vs. Large Sculpts

Over the years, I’ve sculpted clay creations of many shapes and sizes from dainty earrings all the way to large figurines. It is very fun to experiment with size when using clay, but it is sometimes a tricky problem to decide what sculpt should be large versus small! Here are some tips and advice I’ve… Continue reading Small vs. Large Sculpts

white dogs with red collar clay earrings

Clay for Fun and Profits – A Tale of a Small Business Clayer

Hello! My name is Courtney Chapman, and I’m here to talk a little bit about how I got started with my clay business and offer some advice for anyone who is interested in starting their own small business with clay! I am a self taught sculptor. After watching a few sculpting tutorials on the internet… Continue reading Clay for Fun and Profits – A Tale of a Small Business Clayer