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Heather Robertson

I am a mixed media artist, demonstrator and product designer living in Hampshire, England with my family and two cheeky Yorkshire Terriers. I studied art and design in South Africa, where I developed a love for the natural world and wildlife. I also love listening to stories, myths, legends and fairy tales. My aim is to combine the richness and beauty of the natural world with that of the fantasy world. Polymer clay allows me to do this through the simple use of texture and form, as well giving me the flexibility to add a little humor and magic to my cheeky characters. I was a featured artist in the UK Channel 5 TV show, The Wonderful World of Crafting, which first aired in October 2019, with it being repeated several times since, and also have many live TV appearances as a mixed media craft demonstrator on Create and Craft TV. My artwork, tutorials and creatures from the Frosty Feather Forest can be found through my website, and also my Instagram and Facebook pages. 

Two sculpted paint brush containers that look like faces with paint brushes

Inspiration and Creativity-Turning the Natural Into the Fantastical

I’ve always loved to create and love that polymer clay has given me a way to express my creativity in a way that many other mediums can’t. It allows me to sculpt the creatures and characters that I see in my minds eye in a 3-dimensional form so that others can also see, hold and… Continue reading Inspiration and Creativity-Turning the Natural Into the Fantastical

Hand holding several small clay sculptures

Clay Sketching

What is clay sketching? Have you heard the term maquette used before? I must admit it was a while before I knew what it meant, even though I’d been making many. A Maquette is a small three-dimensional study or model of a larger piece, allowing the artist to experiment with shapes, materials and approaches to… Continue reading Clay Sketching

3 minature green polymer dragons holding pumpkin, flask and flower

How to Mix Clay Quickly and Easily

Mixing clay can often seem like a big job and when you need to mix a lot of it, it can be tiring and put a lot of strain on your hands and tools. Below I will explain why I mix my clay and the method I use for mixing it quickly and easily. Why… Continue reading How to Mix Clay Quickly and Easily