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Hollee Gaytan

Hollee Gaytan is a jewelry designer who has a decades-long love affair with Sculpey polymer clay! From her very first sculpt during a late 90s art class, she was hooked and immediately bought a multipack of Sculpey to use at home. Fast forward 20 years and her love for Sculpey transformed into GlamPop Designs: a full-fledged small business specializing in artisan clay earrings. Hollee loves the endless possibilities of Sculpey for her jewelry biz. She enjoys creating polymer clay canes, artistic slabs, color mixes, and delicate floral styles which she showcases through reels and photography on her GlamPop Designs Instagram page.  Hollee’s three children are ecstatic that their mom works with clay-they’ve developed their own love of Sculpey and often create sculptures alongside her using scraps from her projects. Hollee is so proud to use this wonderful medium to create wearable art for the masses while encouraging a love of sculpting within her family and internet community and she couldn’t do it without Sculpey!

Ways to Color Sculpey Premo™ Translucent

Have you ever come across a product so essential to your polymer clay projects that you go out of your way to find more and more uses for it? That’s how I feel about Sculpey Premo™ Translucent! I’ve found it to be the clay I reach for most and a big reason for that is… Continue reading Ways to Color Sculpey Premo™ Translucent

Using Extruded Clay to Make Fun Patterns and Projects

Who here has a clay extruder sitting around gathering dust in their craft room? A year ago, I would have raised my hand sheepishly and said, “I do.” Well, my extruder harbors dust bunnies no more! With some imagination and practice, extruding clay has become one of my most treasured tricks for adding interest to… Continue reading Using Extruded Clay to Make Fun Patterns and Projects