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Teresa Pandora Salgado

Pandora Salgado is a mixed media artist from Los Angeles, California. She began crafting in early childhood using sticks, rocks, and glue. In 2010 she discovered polymer clay and fell in love. In addition to her six years as a Sculpey Design Squad member, Pandora is a YouTube instructor with over 3 million views, hosts a weekly live workshop, and runs three Facebook groups with over 50,000 followers, all devoted to polymer clay. In 2016 Pandora created a family business, Tiny Pandora Crafting Boutique, which she runs with her daughter Elaina and granddaughter Jolene. Making art, teaching, and interacting with others are Pandora’s passions and she hopes to continue crafting for many years to come.

Why I Teach Caning with Souffle and One Color – Sculpey®

I believe we’ve established the fact that I’m obsessed with cane making. That’s why I’ve paid close attention to the properties of Sculpey III, Premo and Souffle. I choose Souffle for caning for these reasons: I love the dryish, velvety texture. The clay does not stick to the work surface and it resists sticking to… Continue reading Why I Teach Caning with Souffle and One Color – Sculpey®

9 small images of polymer clay millefiori

The Agony & Ecstasy of Millefiori in Polymer Clay

Wayyyy back in 1961, Irving Stone wrote a book about Michelangelo’s struggles as an artist. I was always obsessed with art, and a voracious reader; but I didn’t read the book. My excuse? I was seven. I DID see the movie in 1965 though; and it made a big impression on me. People suffer for… Continue reading The Agony & Ecstasy of Millefiori in Polymer Clay

The 20 Minute Effect

I first heard the term “flow state” in 1986 from Dr. Ruth; (and she was not talking about clay). It was Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi who coined the term in 1975. According to Wikipedia: “… a flow state, also known colloquially as being in the zone, is the mental state in which a person performing some activity is fully immersed in a… Continue reading The 20 Minute Effect

Creating Like a 3 Year Old

I have studied at the feet of the masters. I’ve read, literally, every single clay book and I’ve watched nearly every clay video; but it took a three-year-old to teach me how to freely create. My granddaughter, Jolene, will be three in August. She’s been claying since she could sit up. She crafts about six… Continue reading Creating Like a 3 Year Old

#HowDoYouSculpey? with Teresa Pandora Salgado.

Behold, the Bowl of Shame. I present it to you with a mix of humor, humility, and, yes, compassion for the poor bowl itself. On New Year’s Day, 2010, I opened my first three blocks of clay. My profound artistic ignorance had led me to believe I could simply roll up some clay and make… Continue reading #HowDoYouSculpey? with Teresa Pandora Salgado.

#HowDoYouSculpey -Pandorafied!

After five years on the Sculpey Design Squad, I’m delighted to say I find it more exciting every year! That’s because of the care and research the Sculpey gang puts into creating new products. It feels like Christmas every time a box arrives. (True Confession: Sometimes I tease myself and I don’t open it for… Continue reading #HowDoYouSculpey -Pandorafied!

jewelry box made with clay

Thinking Outside the Jewelry Box

I LOVE to make jewelry. I’ll always make jewelry. The only thing jewelry-making lacks is the ability to “work large”. You see, I sometimes I feel like I spend entire days without moving anything but my eyeballs and four of my fingers (2 pointers, two thumbs). Such is the life of a caner. So, for… Continue reading Thinking Outside the Jewelry Box

polymer clay ring box

Craft a Pandora’s Ring Box – Sculpey®

Gift giving season is just around the corner; and, if you’re like me, a beautiful container makes any gift more fun to give. Polymer clay can make even the most ordinary box beautiful. Try this little one for starters and you’ll want to make them for everybody on your gift list.                 You will… Continue reading Craft a Pandora’s Ring Box – Sculpey®

colorful necklaces made using clay

The Joy of Scrap Clay

The Joy of Scrap Clay  Teresa Pandora Salgado   Got scrap? I think we all do. Some of my most relaxing times revolve around it. After all, what have you got to lose? I especially love to make Natasha pieces. If you’ve ever made a Natasha bead or pendant, you may have asked yourself, who… Continue reading The Joy of Scrap Clay

Polymer Clay Jewelry Set

What a Difference a Day Makes

What a Difference a Day Makes by Teresa Pandora Salgado As a caner, I often set aside several days to blend, build and assemble millefiore elements. That’s all well and good I suppose, since the payoff eventually comes in the form of a nice complex cane; but, then I’ve got to start the actual project.… Continue reading What a Difference a Day Makes

For the Love of Junque

For the Love of Junque by Teresa Pandora Salgado I remember when Re-purposing was called Recycling. I think recycling was a better word, because our trash and treasures really do go through a cycle, don’t they? The pen holder shown here is a Knott’s Berry Farm jam jar that I lost the lid to. The… Continue reading For the Love of Junque

Embracing the Hideous

Embracing the Hideous Teresa Pandora Salgado Keep this to yourself, ok? Sometimes I make some truly ugly canes. No lie, my friends. I blend and blend and reduce and reduce and combine and combine and I manage to create something not only underwhelming, but downright grotesque. Such was the case with the cane used in… Continue reading Embracing the Hideous