New Color Tuesday! Introducing Premo Soufflé™ Midnight Blue- Pt 1

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Syndee Holt
Syndee Holt October 1, 2020

Now Midnight Blue is just a luscious color all on its own , but I decided to start with the basics to mix with the new Premo Soufflé™ Midnight Blue. So I’ve mixed with Soufflé Concrete, Igloo and Latte. There should have been little or no surprises here, but my eyebrows raised on every mix. First, that Concrete mix? What a lovely mid-tone blue. And Igloo? Who knew it had such strength to stand up to that darker color like that? Latte is always a wild card in mixing, so I was curious to see what it would do and I wasn’t disappointed!

#1 Wow, what a classic palette! Great Fall to Winter colors that speak of snuggly blankets and warm coats.

#2 This is an interesting palette to me. They are kind of neutrals with a pop of blue, but also they seem like they have a story to tell.

#3 Oh yes, if you are going blue – go ALL IN!

xoxo, syn