New Color Tuesday! Introducing Sculpey Premo™ Indigo Metallic – Pt 4

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Syndee Holt
Syndee Holt July 26, 2022

Well, I am having a BLAST mixing this new metallic color with the existing metallics and this week is NO exception!

I am intrigued how this color manages to push the gorgeous metallic through each color. This Copper/Indigo Metallic is NOT a marbled color, but the way the light played on it caused the copper mica to show in some spots and the indigo metallic to show as well.

The Silver/Indigo Metallic is a gorgeous steely blue-gray that REALLY need to explore some more. Great bracelet color with a pop of bright colors in the center.

Okay, that Gold/Indigo Metallic is my favorite mix of all the mixes this month. I am a sucker for a rich, dark gold like this! And LOOK at it with the Silver/Indigo Metallic mix next to it. Yes, I’m going to have to create with these two mixes!

Indigo Metallic will bring instant drama to any design you use it in! It’s a fabulous color to include in a marbling project- use it instead of blue or black. I created these earrings with the leftover chopped up bits from my mixes. Gorgeous rich tones and look at the glow on the post back pieces!

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xoxo, syn