New Color Tuesday! My Magical Bluestone Pt 1

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Syndee Holt
Syndee Holt July 3, 2018

I’m home for 2 whole days before I take off to teach in Dallas.  The class I took with Claire Maunsell in Nanaimo, Victoria B.C. was just as amazing as I could have hoped for.  I AM happy to be home with internet – trying to drive around new cities with no navigation is a nightmare.  And no one has good paper maps anymore..

I always dread these 5 week months for several reasons, one of which, is 5 NCT mixes (and I’ve always been paid monthly LOL).  So I KNOW I need to pick a color for that month that can be unpredictable.  Bluestone is EXACTLY that kind of color.  Is it Blue? Grey? Lavender?

I love to use Bluestone and Cinnamon together, so I figured I would start with those two colors and add a POP with Canary and  a SHADOW with Premo Accents Graphite.  Look at those mixes!  LOVE-LOVE-LOVE!  Not really any surprise colors, but I love how each of those mixes stands on their own.  They are perfect for the day where I decide that I want to make a simple design that stands on it’s colors and shapes (like my cutter necklaces – Ohhh, I feel another one of those coming with these mixes!)

So, to the sub-palettes – 3 solid subs here with maybe a Fall feel to them?

#1 – This is actually a really different take on a late Summer palette.  Bluestone and Cinnamon as the star colors and Graphite doing the heavy lifting in the background-maybe as bezels for the two colors?

#2 – Like I said above, I love, love this palette.  That necklace is going to happen! This is a great palette for men as well.

#3 –  Oh, yeah!  That pop of color with Cinnamon is great in this combo!

HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY!  Be safe, enjoy your families and friends..

We have a new location for our color mixing archive and I’ll be updating it ASAP!

xoxo, syn