New Color Tuesday! My Magical Bluestone Pt 2

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Syndee Holt
Syndee Holt July 10, 2018




















I won’t lie, I love me some  GREENS and I got some purty ones this week!  There are so many color palette combos with these seven colors, it hurts my head to think about them!  I have TWO wild cards in this palette with the Souffle Bluestone and the Premo Accents Peacock Pearl – you just never really know what you are going to get with these two.  I love all those original colors together as well.  That Canary/Pistachio/Peacock trio is really nice!

To the Sub-Palettes:

#1 is my other favorite trio sub palette of these colors.  They are warm and cool at the same time!  Bold Neutrals?  (Is that even a thing?)

#2 Oh yes, my happy place with bright cheery colors and lots of GREEN!

#3 The sophisticated greens – don’t they just BEG to be put in a Mokume Gane stack?

Summer is here and it’s WARM here at the beach, but not as warm as inland areas.  It’s lovely down at the beach in the morning and it cools off nicely in the evening.  Of course, we don’t have air conditioning- heck I just put the first forced air heat in this house (my family house) 4 years ago.  And we have turned it on about 4 times in those 4 years.  August is looming and that is a hot, humid month here normally. YIKES!  Hope my clay isn’t too soft to use…

xoxo, syn