New Color Tuesday! Pumpkin Souffle Pt 3

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Syndee Holt
Syndee Holt October 16, 2018

I admit it, I’ve become obsessed with these 3 mix colors.  I’ve used them in at least 2 projects and I have more of the blends sitting in my travel bag, ready to go to Kansas City and Chicago!  This month has triggered me to use blended colors for EVERYTHING.  That Pumpkin/Pistachio 1:1 makes a great golden color in Souffle.  The Latte/Pistachio 1:1 mix makes a slightly greener version of Key Lime.  ALL of the mixes look great with any of the 4 mix colors – there are like 16 different color palettes you can create from these colors!

Colorful Clay Pumpkin Latte


#1 I have remixed these colors about 4 times and I have to fight myself to NOT use them in everything I’m working on at my clay table.

#2 Another classic Autumn palette – it’s warm and soothing at the same time.

#3 I love the pop of Gold the Pumpkin/Pistachio 1:1 gives the two cooler colors!

Is it me or is there a mid-century vibe to this color palette – I think that’s why I love it so much!

xoxo, syn