New Color Tuesday! Pumpkin Souffle Pt 4

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Syndee Holt
Syndee Holt October 23, 2018

Anytime I mix with a pinkish color, I now I’m going to get a make-up palette of colors – this is sort of a highlight/contour palette?  I really like the Guava color – I think it’s kind of a magical color because it looks bubblegum pink in the package, but when it’s cured it has a warm/orangish undertone to it.  But if you compare it to a piece of unbaked- it matches.  We know polymer clay is magical, so I just shrug and go with it!

The four anchor colors along the top, Pumpkin, Pistachio, Latte and Guava, create a gorgeous palette that I’m guessing will work with any hair color and complexion. And those 1:1 mixes?  I know I’ll be remixing all of these to use!

Autumnal Sunsets With Polymer Clay

Now the sub-palettes:

#1 This is my favorite sub-palette! The Pumpkin-Guava mix serves as a neutral but it’s a much lighter color value than Latte.

#2 I keep shaking my head and thinking, “Why has Pistachio languished in my clay cabinet?” It’s a great pop of color in a palette and a super mix color!

#3 Ahh, this is a classy combo that reminds me of the richness of camel-hair coats. (Not that we EVER have the opportunity to wear something that heavy where I live! lol)

xoxo, syn