New Color Tuesday! Introducing New Sculpey Premo™ Coral – Pt 2

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Syndee Holt
Syndee Holt August 9, 2022

The top row of the large photo contains the 3 colors that I’m mixing with the featured color on the far right. The bottom 3 colors are the colors mixes created by mixing the color directly above with equal portions (1:1) of the featured color.

Okay, did you guess last weeks Mystery Color correctly? I’m pretty sure you knew it was going to be in the warm reds, right? I love LOVE this warm Coral. It’s such a great contrast to so many of the wonderful Premo (and Soufflé™ ) colors.

The Gold/Coral mix is a lovely warm gold tone, perfect for Fall!

I really like the Peacock Pearl/Coral mix – a very sophisticated version of a Teal with a hint of pearl highlights.

I always like to mix with Pearl because it can surprise us, like this warm pink pearl color!

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xoxo, syn