The Claying Experience – Try It!

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Kate March 7, 2022

Six ways to enrich your life with claying

There’s more to claying than just creating something pretty (though that’s a pretty good reason on its own!)

Check out six reasons to get your hands on some clay supplies and get to work!

  1. Host a craft night for a new way to gather your friends

Get the gang together for a night of fun, connecting and claying! Make something cute, useful or just try different techniques!

Sculpey has a giant array of polymer clay supplies and tools, including kits that help you easily create something gorgeous! Try something like cool Sculpey Premo Mokume Gane Jewlery Kit – it has everything you need to make five accessories!

2. Share experiences and self expression

Looking for a creative outlet to express yourself? Look no further! Take pride in what you create, give as gifts – or create a nice little side-gig where not only can you create, but you make some cash too!

Want some tips on how to efficiently create clay products to sell? Check out this video course on creating multiple coordinating earrings to sell in this free online class!

3. Less shopping list, more bucket list

More and more people are discovering experiences trump materials things – and traveling enriches us in ways a shopping spree can’t. Still want to bring a little piece of your excursions home with you? Make a craft that represents the location, a memory or even something special to wear while you’re there. In fact, some destinations are catering to this idea by creating craft workshops to teach a little about the history and traditions of their special locale, enabling visitors to really understand the culture and bring home their own souvenir to boot! Maybe bring some Liquid Sculpey and an earring mold to create themed jewelry pieces you can wear after you get home!

4. Crafting helps soothe anxiety and depression

Being completely focused on a craft project can have a similar effect to practicing meditation. You become completely engrossed in creating your vision or just practicing a preparation like kneading clay and you can naturally fall in to a state of flow (use your hands to condition and work on great clay like Original Sculpey, for example!) Research suggests this can actually help manage anxiety and depression, lower stress and encourage mental clarity!

5. In community we find others who value and appreciate us

Find a place to belong and be appreciated for what you offer as a friend, communicator and collaborator by joining groups that enjoy the same craft as you! Claying with a group of like-minded artists (or hobby-ists!) gives you a natural spring board to meet people, interact and have a reason to connect on a regular basis. Look up your hobby on places like Facebook or as a hashtag on Instagram or TikTok to find people enjoying what you enjoy – or start your own group meetup!

6. Crafting increases attention span

Strengthen your attention “muscles” by focusing on a small project for a period of time. Teachers have reported that in addition to the improvement of fine and gross motor skills, students’ who craft have improved ability to focus. Plus, creating something tangible and acquiring a new skill helps increase self-confidence! Check out this Intro To Caning technique video, or other how-to’s on Sculpey Youtube!

However you do it, working with clay and other crafts is actually GOOD for you in so many ways. Need some supplies or inspiration?

Head to for all your polymer clay needs and check out our Sculpey How-To section to get inspired today!