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Kate June 6, 2022

Tools to Help You Make the Most of Your Time & Supplies!

Maybe you got in to polymer clay as a hobby – a way to pass time, to flex your creative muscle, or to create something you love instead of buying it at a store. Polymer clay jewelry – especially earrings – have enjoyed a huge surge in popularity as people find creating them not only fills a need (ahem – sometimes that perfect earring set you envisioned just can’t be found in stores!), but it’s also an excellent side-hustle to help *other* people find exactly what they need!

However you were led to Sculpey polymer clay, you may be interested in making a little money to support your clay-habit, or to bring in a little dough for the household.

We’ve put together a list of six must-have Sculpey Tools to help you make the most of not only your supplies, but also you precious time!

Bead Maker – this clever little tool takes small lumps of clay and easily creates consistently size and perfectly round beads in 13mm, 16mm and 18mm diameters in a matter of seconds. Making several necklaces, for example? You can recreate them over and over to sell because your beads will all be the same shape and size you want!

Bead Baking Rack – avoid flat spots on your batches of beads with our easy to use specialty bead baking rack – designed to allow many beads to simultaneously bake evenly in your oven with zero flat spots.

Bead Making Kit – Everything you need to start creating lots of beads with high-quality and reusable supplies plus a guide on how to make six different types of beads. (Supplies include a Baking Cushion, Sandpaper, Cutting Blade, Circle Cutter, Needle Tool, Lentil Bead Tool, and a Clay Roller.)

Clay Conditioning Machine – this life-saver can help you get your clay not only ready to work with faster than by hand, but also helps create beautiful Ombre colors, blends, sheets for mokume gane technique and more with the turn of the crank. Also called a “pasta machine”, once you have one, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

Jewelry Designs Template Pack – these flexible and transparent templates have both negative and positive space, and include 64 unique shapes in different sizes. Got a shape in mind for earrings? Go for it – you can make lots of clay pieces quickly and consistently by using the same template over and over. Plus – these templates are washable and re-usable!

Metal Clay Cutters – cut shapes in to slabs of clay or thin sheets, add embellishments and fine details, all with your choice of design. The metal material makes them sturdy but lightweight. They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes – take your pick and efficiently cut out stacks of the same shaped piece in no time.

Sculpey has everything you need to get started on creating something beautiful, useful, fun or all three – PLUS you could be earning cash with your new clay-making gig.

Check out for your supplies, our YouTube channel for terrific tips, inspiration and how-to’s, and of course, check us out on social media for daily inspiration, updates and new releases!